The Lewnes family has been serving fine food at this location since 1921. We trust that your dining experience with us will be a memorable one!

Welcome to the World of U.S. Prime Aged Beef

Only two percent of American Beef is good enough to earn the designation “U.S. Prime.” That’s why only a handful of restaurants serve it. Lewnes’ Steakhouse holds the distinction of being the first Annapolis restaurant to feature U.S. Prime Steaks.

Ordinary “choice” and “selected” beef comes from open grassland ranges. U.S. Prime steers, however, are selected from sources such as 4-H clubs and Future Farmers of America, where the animals are pampered and cared for on an individual basis. At the proper time, they are shipped to cool weather feed lots in the upper Mid-West where they are fed a special mash of oats, barley and wheat. During the last six weeks, the steers are fed a diet of corn to enhance fat marbling. This marbling provides the flavor, tenderness, and juiciness for which U.S. Prime beef is known. Finally, the beef is aged under controlled conditions to enrich its magnificent flavor. But that’s not all: it takes special broiling equipment to properly prepare the steaks. Our broilers operate up to 1800 degrees! They sear in the flavorful juices while browning the outside, creating the perfect steak for your dining experience.

We hope to see you soon!

The Lewnes Family